Cabrio Ship MS “SUNliner”

Unique upon the Danube: the newest member of the fleet

Since April 2017 Passau has an innovative attraction: The Cabrio Ship MS “SUNliner” of the  Donauschiffahrt  Wurm  & Noé started its cruising.  The ship was built in the shipyard Bolle in Derben at the river Elbe.  The shipyard applied the model „AquaCabrio“ for a patent, our cabrio ship is an XL version.

Cabrio Ship with moving elements

The name assumes it: The Cabrio Ship has some moving roof elements –  in case of good weather we can open the whole middle roof.  This offers an absolute unique shipping experience. The glass dome in the middle of the ship provides a view of 180 degrees no matter which weather is. The wooden floor and palm trees create an atmosphere of vacation on board.

SUNliner – Technical data

  • HOME DOCK: Passau
  • INNER SEATS: about 150 (entrance deck)
  • YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION: 2017 in the shipyard Bolle in Derben at the river Elbe
  • LENGHT: 44,97 meter | WIDTH: 7,54   meter
  • DEPTH: 1 meter

Receives funding from:


of our SUNliner

SUNliner offen vor Passauer Dom_Foto Weichselbaumer_üa_low
SUNliner_Innendeck Totale geschlossen1_Foto Brandes_low
SUNliner_Bug innen mit Tafel 4_Foto Brandes_low
SUNliner_Innendeck offen2_Foto Brandes_low
SUNliner_Innendeck geschlossen1_Foto Brandes_low
SUNliner_Innendeck offen von oben 2_Foto Brandes_low